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Sable Island and Nova Scotia Watercolours
Watercolours from the artist's September/October field trip to Sable Island
Continues until October 31st 2006, daily, by chance or appointment
Savage Gallery, 611 Shore Road, Mersey Point, Liverpool
Tel. 902-354-5431
Green Horse Society article about the artist's field trip

Roger Savage
Roger Savage - On-site, painting Sable Island
Photo Credit: Zoe Lucas
         While painting in the Tantramar Marshes, as a young art student at Mount Allison University, Roger Savage learned early in his career. "I need to work outdoors, on site. I can't duplicate the feeling and the light in my studio."

Inspired to capture the "light and shadow of Nature", where weather conditions change in seconds, he discovered that watercolour and paper were the best media from which to form his images.

"Tube paints give me intense colours instantly. Because clouds can blow in and alter the light, I have to work very, very fast. Using water-based paint I can keep things very loose and fluid. If a wash bleeds, or a dark area unintentionally appears it can stay, if I like it."

With a need to paint outdoors, Savage has travelled the world. He has documented the majestic glaciers, icebergs and crisp clear light of Otto Fiord, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, as well as the passionate reds of bougainvilleas in Colombia.

Sea spray has more than occasionally left its mark on his work. Savage's paintings which have been created in the midst of the sand dunes of Carter's Beach and the primordial granite forms of Cadden Bay are prized by collectors, everywhere.

Horse, Sable Island
'Horse, Sable Island', © R. Savage
         East Light, Sable Island
'East Light, Sable Island' © R. Savage
At home in our glorious Nova Scotian summer he has spent weeks camped out with easel and umbrella inspired by azure-hued delphiniums and dazzling white rhododendrons at Annapolis Royal's Historic Gardens.
While viewing this exciting art work, visitors to the Gallery will have the opportunity to experience a sample of Savage's latest travels uniquely seen through the artist's eye.
Roger Savage's work has been exhibited all over the world including Sweden, U.S.A., Colombia, Germany, Switzerland and the U.K. Within the Maritimes it is included in the permanent collections of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (Halifax), Confederation Centre Art Gallery (Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island), and the Owens Art Gallery (Sackville, New Brunswick).

His artwork has been reproduced on poetry book covers and on two $ 100 commemorative gold coins (1978, 1981).

Weather Station, Sable Island
'Weather Station, Sable Island', © R. Savage
West Light, Sable Island
'West Light, Sable Island', © R. Savage
         His collection also includes several limited editions of original, signed, numbered Canada Post "Day of Issue" Cachets.

The artist has lectured and given painting seminars to adults as well as delighted hundreds of children while teaching them basic screenprinting. His striking images of the seashore of his home province, translated into postcard minatures, have brought Nova Scotia to thousands of people.

* To obtain a license for reproduction purposes, please contact CARFAC Copyright Collective.
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For sale in the Gallery or by phone / mail order:

  • Original paintings and drawings.
  • Signed and numbered lithographs and silk-screen prints.
  • A wide selection of reproductions of Savage paintings as postcards, full-sized prints.
  • CACHETS: original signed, numbered Canada Post "Day of Issue"
  • AND MORE ...

  • POSTER 67 x 47 cm
    Artist-signed/numbered with pencil notations / titles
    $115. tax included, delivered

    $50. tax included, delivered

    "Collection on a Shoestring Budget"
    19 different Savage Art postcards
    10.5 x 14.8cm
    $20. tax included, delivered
    Click on the images below
    to see a larger view
    The prices listed below include tax and delivery.
    All prices are in Canadian dollars.
    All prices are subject to change.
    "Rosehips, Summerville Beach, NS"
    23 x 31 cm. Giclee ed. 40 shts.
    artist-signed, numbered in pencil
    pigmented inks/artist's paper
    "Hunt's Point, Nova Scotia"
    30 x 40 cm. Giclee ed.40 shts.
    artist-signed, numbered in pencil
    pigmented inks/artist's paper
    "Dory Shop, Railway Wharf, Lunenburg, NS"
    30 x 40 cm. Giclee ed. 20 shts.
    artist-signed, numbered in pencil
    pigmented inks/artist's paper
    "Port Mouton Island', N.S."
    36 x 51 cm  open edition, offset print
    artist-signed, titled in pencil
    "Carter's Beach, N.S."
    25 x 33 cm   offset ed. 2500 shts.
    artist-signed, numbered in pencil.
    "Port Joli, N.S."
    25 x 33 cm   offset ed. 2500 shts.
    artist-signed, numbered in pencil
    "Port L'Hebert, NS"
    25 x 33 cm   offset ed. 400 shts.
    artist-signed, numbered in pencil


    To view more of Roger's artwork, please visit:,
    Canada's Cultural Gateway
    Art Sales/Rental
    1723 Hollis St.
    Halifax, NS
    The Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art web site. Flight of Fancy Gallery
    Main St.
    Bear River, NS

    The Antigonish Review 134    Antigonish Review 134
    Sep' 03
    Literary journal features Savage's artwork:
    Bermuda Arts Centre Gallery
    The Dockyard, Bermuda
    Lyghtesome Gallery
    166 Main Street
    Antigonish, NS B2G 2B7
    2818 Main Street Suite 426
    Vancouver BC V5T 0C1
    604) 535-4123

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